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This is Dandelion, say goodbye now...

Friday, February 19
every beginning has an ending

and sadly enough, this is the end of the SSV™ blog. =/

started waaaaay back in June 2007 when i met cheryl leeee. hahaha, and when we had nothing better to do. my apologies for not blogging as much as she did. didnt have much to share with the onlining crowd. and thankyou cheryl too, for letting me be a part of this even though i didnt contribute very much. x) will be sure to not let the friendship drift without the blog around. =)

i had loads of fun doing the graphics and backgrounds for the blog. edited templates and all. awesome stuff.

so, i guess this will be its last few posts, unless of course, we decide to open it again. thanks for tuning in, but i guess this is it. bye ssv. bye dandelion. =(

Post #654

12:47 AM

From Tissue, with love?

I'm so so so so so sorry I've been neglecting our little blog. Can you all please forgive me?

Because of this tragic fact, we have decided to end the life of this long forsaken website. http://ssvirus.blogspot.com Of course, this site will still be here, for old time sake... For the love of the memories, for the sake of being able to FIND certain dates and information... It will be here. I'm sorry too Dandelion. :( Poor, Dandelion.

Sherwinwin, I guess we've had this blog since we met actually. This blog is 4 years old and will grow old. However, there will be no more blogging here. It will grow old alone with our little Dandelion. It's nice being your blogmate and geekmate. I guess we can still look into geekiness in other area, can we not? TotalWebShit.

To the blog followers, I'm sure you've been decreasing in number since the frequent pauses in our updates. Can you all please forgive us for letting this blog go?

Ps. You can follow me on twitter. Since its all one liners. Hopefully that will stay alive.

LIVE LONG, SSV. And Prosper. :(

12:34 AM

Saturday, January 23

Hello everyone. Sorry I can't update specific dates cause... I don't really have the time and the will. Everyone's pretty much drained this week. But there are a FEW things that get me by the day. I guess some people realized that I've been a bit quieter lately... :/ I don't know why, but maybe its a good thing? Or maybe that's just temporary... But yeah... School starting to suck again. Sighs... But there's always a great part to it. The people. And... The person I get to text all day :p Other than that... Gosh.. There's just so much to absorb. And the lessons don't wait for you. What if I'm slow? Not like its going to be any different in art stream... Screw Mr Kiang (If you know who I mean. Lol) if I actually go to a different class.

Grrrhh... I'm so pissed at school... I sit alone. With no glasses. With a manwoman teacher thats just at my neck. And... You know I love band. But after a long day... It's not something I look forward to anymore? However... After it I always feel great. :) I've been told that I'm playing for band com though. o.O Should I? I think I quite maafaan to the whole world. ANd if I play it wouldn't really benefit anyone right? I mean, it will kill me and the formation. I wanna be a part of it.. But... I don't know whether I can take anymore. :(

Other than thatt... everythings been really good. And I mean really. Okay maybe not that great la But good. Some stuff are great. But then you know.. 1901 the great hotdog quite expensive.... Sighss..

Eh Shannon... TALLYHOO xD

12:09 AM

Sunday, January 3
New Years Day Day

After sleeping and waking up. Shannon called my house to tell me when she was coming to Tropicana. Err.. I kinda thought we were going to Sunway thank God she called me. o.O Got ready bla bla.. Ate two servings of fried rice. And headed there. Saw Esther, Swan, Clare, Laura, Jenny and her there. Went to Subway. Woots. Then we went to the arcade. Shannon beat the basketball highscore wei. 203 points. So cool. Then we played House of the Dead 3, again... Spent quite a few credits on that. While Clare and Esther played air hockey and Jenny and Laura played Daytona. Later on they all went to walk and buy presents. So those of us who were still there went to Starbucks to wait for them. Wooo... Oh.. I still owe October babies some Starbucks. :D You know at Starbucks. They got this stand right.. In a shape of the tree, and on it are MINIATURE CUPS! SO CUTE! BABY CUPS!!! Hee heee...

Anyhooooo... after Starbucksing, we went to watch the Princess and the Frog. Some of you may not BELIEVE that I watch it. And I don't know what's wrong with that so whatteevveeerrrr to you guys. That show was kind of disturbing though. But because I have a new dance move of the year and wanted to share it, during the sad part of the movie, I stood up, started dancing and sat down immediately. :p So funny la omg.

After that major transport problem wei. Clare had to ciao and all... So I asked my mummy to help send Swan, Esther and Shannon back while Clare sent Jenny and Laura's daddy picked her. What I didn't know was, got family thing that day. o.O Go send send send..

Then go buy stuff for the gathering.. THen go my uncles house. Here I had, Friend rice, Mee Hoon, Pasta and lotsa chicken. :D This is my eating day. Actually for the rest of the night, I was just sitting and doing nothing la. Talked to Michelle for a while, then she ciao. Firdaus sat on me for a while, after I died, he ciao. xD I was texting while stoning for the rest of the time... Then Shaun came over to talk to me, I teman him after that lo. It was really a boring night la... Wasn't in the mood for anything that wasn't eating... And when I went home I was hungry. == I didn't continue eating la, but yeah. :p

Sorry for the overusage of the word then. :D

10:50 PM

From the Top

Okay, since there's lots I haven't blogged, I'll blog from the most recent before I forget. First of all blessed new year :D

New Years Eve.
It was pretty much a hectic day for me la. Woke up in the morning (again) to go to school. Orientation performance. Gab supposed to pick me up at 12 ma. But then... Our performance was at 1. So I had to leave without playing cause... If not, my day cannot jalan. xD Sadly, I left without playing in heels and my concert uniform to go to the waterfalls.

We went to Asaph's house to meet before we left together to chill and pray la. The we by the way, was the band la, Lim, Gab, Ian, Asaph and Ian's two siblings Astrid and Emmanuel, Asaph's dad and my new mummy (Cause Gab's my daddy) Emily. :D Mmm hmm... We left and I actually don't know where we went to wait or why cause I was half asleep and was just singing along to some songs on the way there... Until I really fell asleep. :p

We reached the waterfalls just before 4. They ate some ice cream and walked up really steep stairs. But quite cool la, I survived it. Thank God. Hahaha... The water was like ice coold. So nice. :D I lepaked with Astrid, Emily and Emmanuel for most of the time. They're really nice la, never really talked to Emily before till then. Slide down the thing and all la. Well I can post some pics of the waterfall now, but nothing much of us cause Gab has not uploaded our pics but all his photography worthy shots. So, here's the pretty pics from him. :D

The rest of it will come later, I suppose. Could slide down and all from the waterfall... The guys were trying to do some major stunts la. Haihh... Wooo.. So cool. Then Uncle Daia (Asaph's dad) wanted to talk to me about some stuff, so he walked me to sit directly under the waterfall (while the guys were wrestling on one end, and the other girls sit on a rock and eat keropok) Hahhaa... So niceeee... We just talked la, and when we were almost done there were one or two schools of fish swimming around us, literally around us k. So cuteeee! Then one school of them, just sat on my hand. :D So geli but sooooo cutteeeeeee! I was quite scared it was going to enter my pocket cause I don't want them to die. I was squealing in the water la.
EEEE FISH SOO CUTEEEE. *After a moment of realizing* What if the cuties go into my pockets? NOOOOOO!
Of course la, uncle Daia laugh so kow. Then he was like, its okay la, if it enters your pocket, you'll have free fish. He so funny. xD

Then finally we ciao la. just before 6. It was quite brief la. But I had a lot of fun. God speaks through nature la, really. :D Even the feeeeeeeeeessshhh... :D

Then after we rushed to church. Which was very kan cheonging cause I had practce at 7. And the waterfalls was in Kajang. And it was really jammed. Oh ho... Then we go there drive, drive, driveeeeeeeee and I reached 7.40. I feel so bad wei, sorry, Caleb! :( But made it in time for a victorious worship :D And (I STILL never eat for the whole day if you haven't noticed) Immediately after, service started. I testified. I will put bits of my testimony in my next post. :D Everyone did la, actually. All of us have something to thank God for. :D

New Years Day.
After service went down to watch the fireworks. Cause we're so near the Curve (WHO CAUSED THE JAM) then went yam cha at sedap. I got no curfew that day, yo. Hahaha.. My family was in their church till like 3 something. So... I could go back a bit later and they wouldn't know lo. FINALLY, I makan one maggi and one maggi double. Ian if you're reading, just pretend like you never read this part la. xD Then we went hoooooommeeee after sooo much lameness. And almost getting Tan Tan's PKS. O.O (Pee kang sai which means mucus in Chinese) which forced me to pick and flick at him too. Haha... Then then... ate more satay after that. And finally went home. :D Wooo!

9:41 PM

Wednesday, December 23

Yeah, I ACTUALLY went caroling on the 16th with my family. That was when I realized, I cannot sing with my family. Their pitch is raised about five tones from mine wei. I REALLY can't hit. o.O Even in an octave lower. Really quite suck la. The thing is, I didn't practice with them so all the parts all I had to wait for this girl to tell me before each song. I think she goes to church with my family. Her name is Michelle too. She's unlike my fatso, she's sweet and QUIET :p Hahhaha...

Had lunch with them. A different table from my uncles though. From what I heard they trying to set my sister up with this guy named Marcus. Hahhahahaha.... Omg, he so cute and funny that I think he's a little jambu :p Omg, I understand the risk of him reading this. But oh well, I'm taking the risk. Hhahaha... I guess this side of the family doesn't know that my sister has a boyfriend I dont knowwhether thats a good thing or a bad thing now. xD He was like "This guy so funny till he makes my toe laugh" ANd my dad asked him, "how is that story funny?" He said, "like this... *pause* *laugh*" It didn't make any sense, But it was pretty random la. I think Fats also kamcing with him not in "any" way. But... Sama gang la. Twilight hater, kept on calling Nicky Coolen. (Cullen) Hhahaa.. The highlight of my day was ejeking Michelle and getting her bengang-ed at me. Hahha.... Cause the caroling itself actually sucked.

10:22 PM

Most Tiring Day of the Month

It could be of the year I think and it wouldn't be exaggerating you know? Here's what we did. My dad took us to KLCC. Where we bought some stuff, took the LRT to Jamek. Where we got lost looking for a few clothes shops (for the wedding on the 20th) after two hours of walking in and out of town. Took the putra LRT to another place (Don't know the name) walked around there for an hour or so and went back to Jamek. Note that we didn't buy much there. Once we were back, we went to buy band t shirts. I got my satch t shirt. =D My sister got her Iron Maiden (The dubai tours one, for some reason and AC/DC- for those about to rock, we saulte you)

Bought d, still walking through the streets cause we don't know how to go home. Went through a few shops, then I found my kebaya. Super nice wei. I show you...

I uploaded both for you to see my hair cut :p So cool right?

After we bought it took an lrt to sentral. And from sentral took a ktm to mid valley. But we had to wait for two trains because it was literally overflowing with people. In the ktm I almost had a friggin asthma attack due to the sum of people. Haihh... Went to the Gardens. It's like 7 something d... Then just waited at the seats for Ian. My mummy was going to pick my sister up because she didn't wanna join me. But she sent me a message saying "Pony all alone". xD Yeah, but went back at 11 something. And I still slept at 2 something. Fuish... But while we're at it, I show you the dress Veno, Pre and Clare picked out for me a few months ago. :D

9:42 PM


Barbecue party back at Joshua's place for dinner. After service went for lunch at PappaRich with everyone. Had lunch at seperate tables, so the girls (Eunice, Jenny, Laura and I- our age one la) went to eat with the Adrians (Tan and Lim) Super funny la. Haihh.. Not hung out with Tan Tan in a while... Talked about how his brother kept asking why Santa came in a mini bus instead of Reindeers. And angkat Santa's sleeve and said,"I know d ma, Santa not from north pole. He's aneh" == Indian people are aneh to them, for some reason. xD

Later, we went to cod. All the highschoolers followed Tan. Who picked a fight with Joon on the road. And won. Im very amazed at that. His Pegeot 207 with 6 of us, can ta pau Joon's Vios with only him and Rich in it. And up hill Tan's car fell behind tremedously. Oh well.. Quite funny la.

Laura first time cod, so I didn't get a pc la. I get sat next to her and helped her. Switched places with her when she had enough. Hahahaha... And when she played, her name was Laura. When I played, the character's name is "Not Laura" Hahahahhaha... Juju changed her name to Jesus at one point. Suddenly you see your screen "Killed by Jesus" You're like WHAT? Then she pakat with Lok. She was "harlo" and Lok was "byebye" Funny la. But I was a bit sick of the smell of the cc la. Don't know why also. I think I super lack sleep also la that day.

When we ciao d, went to Josh's place. Had a massage trail of people. xD Watched Friends and fell asleep on the couch. When everyone began, I was actually still asleep. Till some time later. :p When I did regain consciousness, everyone was outside, went to join them- Ate a lot la, that day. Hahhaha... Adrian denied my chicken's approval and said it was fuba. :( I was FRIGGIN sad when he said that to my chicken k.... But it actually wasn't. :D He made up for it later by calling me normal though. Hahhahaa...

Patrina another one. Kena bang for the whole time. When I woke up she was like Cheryl! Help me. The good thing is, she is finally learning. She didn't bang herself that day. :D I'm so proud of her. Hahhaha.. Even if she did ditch my chicken to test drive Joon's car.

At the end of the day, after eating so much we were all pretty exhausted la. I was playing with Josh's nameless dog which sat on my lap and looked at me with extremely cute eyes. :D

Then Tan tan sent me home and for the whole journey, we talked about everything la- but with a super dead, stoner voice. ahhaha.. He also no sleep d. Then came home and ate again and slept lo. :D

9:19 PM

Church Christmas

On the 12th there was a Christmas celebration thing at our church. :D It was really, really fun wei. Hahhaa. This is the first time we have made such a simple skit that included the audience. The title of the event is One for All. Its a military themed thing. So everyone copy me and wear camo pants. Muahahhaha... But then I had to change into a dress. Lol. Anyway, we had a worship session, a few ice breakers. Then Justin started telling a story, and bunch of americans soldiers barged in by "surprise" told the audience to get down on the floor. And we had a drill session with the audience. Which was an additional ice breaker that was SO CUTE wei. Hahahha... Then the drama continued from there. Here are some pictures. :D

The group picture.

The cast... After the drama.

'Em Soldiers.

The Nazi, whom coincidentally are the American soldiers too.

Lok, proud of beating Esther up.

Lok taking Tan Tan down.

It was really lots of fun la. Then after the drama, Joshua preached and saved about 8 people. :D Our band members (With Lim one ya, not AMB) came in right after the altar call, which was COINCIDENTALLY :p our closing event. Haahah.. Asaph didn't come though. Felt quite bad cause I couldn't layan them so much, but too bad la now. xD

Went yam cha at Kayu after everything (Which was the very long time of cleaning the church of leaves) I went to find Clare first, her parents didn't let her eat with us church people, so Esther, Laura and I joined her family, Eva and Jane. Quite fun la. Kacauing Elysia who was inside with Lynette. Asking Simon to tell her that someone was watching her and all. Hahahhahah... That's it really, but I went home with Laura's dad (Thanks, Uncle) but.. Was quite late. But not as late as Thursday which was quite scary cause I came home at 1.30. *guilty smile* I died that day. But THANK GOD I didn't die that Sat. :D

8:49 PM

Thursday, December 17
Shannon and Carmen's birthday

Happy birthday guys.. Sorry I couldn't give you guys much la especially since the STUPID office has not paid me yet. Haihh.. I'm quite geram. :/Anyhoooooooo...

I had lots and looottsss of fun. :D Went for all the rides we could find until we all like some corpse d wei. The best part I was like EH THIS RIDE SUPER SCARY WEI! And.. I said it for the wrong ride. That one was some gay thing go one round only. xD Then when we went for the real thing we all scarem all the way. Actually la... I screamed at EVERY RIDE except for one and a half. One was the one I took a video of, cause... I didn't want to kill my phone. And I didn't scream for the first few seconds of the Tomahawk cause I friggin cuak. LOL! I was looking at my feet... Look at the ground.. Then.. The ground was the sky. After that only I was like screw it. I'm going to let go of the safety shit and throw my hands up in the air. Hahahhaa! Let's post the vids that I have. :D I took vids on random rides.

(If you can hear the thing that's laughing, that's Shannon laughing at Clare cursing. Then if you hear a puppy. That's actually me breaking my screams to annoy people :p)

Pictionary back at Clare's place. Sorry for the sengetness.

1:19 AM

General Update

I'm going to blog cause that's what bloggers do. :D
You know sometimes people talk to make noise?
Imagine this, virtually. :D
Just by the way, I lost A LOT of people's numbers. And I've changed my number. For those of you who don't have it, just highlight this post and you'll find it. Please text me with your name if you don't have this number. Cause like.. My phone died and now I'm using a W910i that my sister's boyfriend found on the road. :D Duduuduuu...

Here's a few videos of my band during practice. Sorry if there are a lot of random stuff. But this is a little sneak peek I guess since none of you guys have seen my band. Except ESTHER TAN. Hahaha... I know it's really dark. Took us two weeks to find the light switch. (Which was yesterday, actually) You feel like sleeping in the place. :p

I actually have more stuff to post on Sunway and stuff. So I shall continue in another post because... There are more videos :D

1:08 AM

Blog redeemer


(A) Which one do you prefer ?

1. Alcohol / Mineral Water [Water.]
2. Blue / Pink I like both equally.. :/ I don't wanna choose :(
3. Hot Guys / Cool Guys I like guys who are neither. xD
4. Good Looks / Brains Brains. Please, brains.
5. Taylor Swift / Taylor Lautner Lautner, cause its next to the talentless Swift.
6. Friends / Lovers Friends la,. Not like I have a lover to choose from. Lol.
7. "Baby" / "Honey" I don't want the world to know. XP Macam yes.

(B) Which type of guy are you ? I'm not a guy
1. Alcoholic / Non-Alcoholic
2. Good / Bad
3. Brave / Cute
4. Tall / Short
5. T-Shirt / Suit
6. Coat / Leather Jacket
7. Sunnies / Spectacles
8. Caring / Rich
9. Kisses / Hugs
10. Romantic

(C) Which type of girl are you ?

1. Cute / Pretty Lol, yeah neither.
2. Sweet / Caring Caring?
3. Sports / "Princess Candle" Princess Candle. Hahaha!
4. Surprises Why not. Surprise me. :D
5. Smile / Frown :D
6. Love Quotes / Love Poems Oh gosh. It depends on the source. Honestly, I'm not really a fan of either.
7. Computer Geek / Study Nerd Computer geek.. Not really la. Somewhat.
8. SMS / MSN Yeah, both.
9. Forever / Just For Fun What's this supposed to mean?
10. Hang out with Friends / Couple Date Right now, just lepak la right?

(D) What are your daily activities ?

1. After Breakfast : I don't eat breakfast.
2. Before School : Mandi.
3. During School : Sleeep.
4. After School : Lepaaaak. :D
5. Night : Lepaaaaak. Haha
6. Midnight : Texting people, I guess.
7. Holidays : Everyday it's something different. Let's see. I have a few ALMOST routine days.

Mondays and Tuesdays are reserved for my band.
Wed was yam cha day.
Thurs used to be Christmas practice day. Now, it's yam cha day too?
Fri... Was lepaking with my sister day.
Sat worship practice and lepaking with the band.
Sunday... Church, cod-ing/ jamming.

I'm not doing the last tag. Cause.. I kinda don't know who to tag. Lazy to think. Shorayy..

12:47 AM